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HQ RATE UPDATE* Regent House





Which channel can we find exchange rate?

You can check exchange rate via www.ohrich.com
or download our free application SRT Forex (available App Store and Google Play Store)

How can we contact OH! RiCH?

Call Center: +66(0) 2054 4000
Facebook Message:
Line Official: @ohrich

What document is required for money exchange?

Foreign customers please provide passport
Thai customers please provide Passport or ID card.

How do I reserve money?

Contact us here and our team will arrange it for you
Please contact our
Call Center: +66(0) 2054 4000
Line Official: @ohrich

How much can I exchange?

- Maximum 800,000 Baht for exchange thai baht to foreign currencies per passport/day.
- No maximum for exchange foreign currencies to thai baht.

Can we use coin exchange the currencies?

No coins can be exchanged.

What kind of services do OH! RiCH provide?

We provide foreign currency exchange and international money transfer.

Does OH! RiCH accept credit cards?

We offers the convenience for customers by accepting credit card payment and QR code

Payment by credit card
- Accept a variety of credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and JCB
- Exchange money from 10,000-500,000 Baht (2.5% fee)

Payment by QR code
- No minimum amount to exchange
- No service fee
- Maximum amount for money exchange is 800,000 Baht passport / day

Can I use my expired passport/ID card for currency exchange?

Expired document can't be used.




OH! RiCH (SRT FOREX) was founded in 2014 to provide comprehensive currency solutions for the digital age in the ever-dynamic monetary world. Uniquely placed to take on modern solutions, we have a deep-rooted history in the currency exchange business through our parent company, Superrich Thailand, who have been a long-established currency exchange provider in Thailand.

Since our inception, we have become synonymous for providing a unique and exceptional customer experience, as well as offering the best rates in Thailand. The trust we have built with our customers and partners have allowed us to grow exponentially within a few short years.

We have a registered capital of two hundred million baht and as of mid-2020, provide our services to over eleven locations throughout Bangkok.


To provide individuals, corporations, and FOREX investors with a comprehensive and trustworthy platform for their currency exchange needs while continually adapting to the new digital economy.


Our mission is to provide the best rates in the market, as well as offering our customers a platform that they can trust for their currency exchange needs. We strive to offer a fulfilling experience not only to our customers, but also an environment to grow for our employees.